Flat coated retriever

The breed comes from Great Britain and it´s original use was and also still is for roughing and retrieving deer and feathered deer. The breed comes from Irish setter, NewFoundland dog and spaniel dog. 

They love human and especially children. They are easy to learn and very friendly dog. You will never get bored with them ! 

Canistherapy, asistance dog

For their unstoppable happiness are flats suitable for canitherapy and work as assitance dog. They can help to eyeless and hadicaped people. 


While huntig they provide help by bringing shot deer even from hardly available places. 

Rescue dog

Flat is more at home in the water then ashore. They are excellent swimmers, by using their snout they can easily track down human smell even a few metres undrer the water!

Friend allwhere and all the time

Flat has one wish - never lose the sight of you. Flat will be your best friend on your trip, this dog is alwasy happy, what do you want more ? :)

Love family and children

This kind of dog is able to teach your childer to responsibility and carefulness. 

Walks in common will be pleasure for you. This is not an agresive breed, they love other animals and people. 

Water work

Water is No. 1 for flats. They absolutelly love swimming and diving and aporting dummy from the water. You will never get bored with them.  

Easy to learn

Flat is very clever and  easy to educate dog. 

Just take tasty treats  and you will see.  This dog is able to do almost everything to make you happy. 

Some even watch over

To be honest, by male rarely, but female can bark sometimes, in strange surroundings, in tent asleep. Just get the mission and teach your flat guarding !